Coat of Arms

fournier_blasonThe crest designed by Mr. Renaud D.  Brochu†,  heraldist, from Québec, QC
All reproduction is forbidden without the agreement of “l’Association des Fournier d’Amérique”©

Of sinople green, in the pale, a silver sword with a gold handle and hilt, flanked on the right and left with gold sheaves of wheat.

In the left quadrant, a golden fleur de lys (lily) and, in the right quadrant, a silver and gold fountain with two azure blazes.

At the bottom, a bread oven with silver doors offset in black

On a gold scroll, the surname «FOURNIER»

On a gold scroll, «Le passé inspire l’avenir»

The green colour (sinople) signifies springtime, nature, life, enthusiasm, and vigour.

The sheaves of wheat remind us of the large number of our Fournier ancestors, the cultivators of New France.

The sword is associated with all the Fournier who served in our nationis Militia and Armed Forces over the years. The hilt, also called the cross, identifies their faith and their Christian virtues, and reminds us of those who took religious orders.

The fleur de lys (lily) evokes France, homeland of our Fournier ancestors, the fountain the source of knowledge and all things noble in our aspirations and accomplishments

The bread oven is associated with the artisan-baker trade, called fourniers during the Middle Ages, from which the surname Fournier derives.