Welcome all Fourniers and others to the official web site of “l’Association des Fournier d’Amérique”.

The objectives of the Association are sharing, brotherhood, the assembling and compiling of the history and heritage of the Fournier family.  We invite all to contribute anecdotes, stories etc. to our history according to your interest and knowledge.

The web site and connecting links are easy to navigate.  The information on the web site is available to both visitors and members, but by becoming a member of the Association, you will receive our newsletter  ‘Le Fournier’, that is published three times a year.  The bulletin will give you information about different Fournier personages who became famous in various ways since the arrival of our ancestors in the 17th century.

“L’Association des Fournier d’Amérique” is a non-profit organization.  The Association received its patent on the 3rd of February, 1998 under file number 1147416409.  The Fournier Association is affiliated with the Fédération des associations de familles du Québec.

Once again, welcome to all who are interested in learning about the Fournier family history.